Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chewy speaks, stands up and "sits" for Obama 08

Chewy, a five-year-old fox terrier mix from the Austin SPCA, is for "Obama because he is for hope for everyone, including dogs," said Chewy's "human," Brigid Shea, old-guard Austin activist and former City Council member. "Speaking" for Chewy, she said, "Obama will make change we need in our nation and in our world." While Chewy lobbied for yet another treat for posing for a photo in front of an Obama poster, Shea said, "Obama not only understands the Constitution but he's taught it -- and he 'gets it'." When asked whether she feels maybe a tinge of guilt about not supporting Hillary, Shea said, "The topic has come up with me and my friends. Yeah, there are some mixed feelings. Some women do feel they are deserting the cause of Hillary by supporting Obama. I think I'll start a group called Feminists for Obama. It's not that I don't want a woman for president, I just don't want that woman." To which Chewy said, "Woof!"


  1. It's my understanding that Bark! Bark! means Barack! Barack! in dogspeak.

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