Thursday, June 25, 2009

Imagine the Dog Days of Austin's Summer Spent in a Fur Coat

Dog cooling off at Lady Bird Lake.

Dog cools off at Lady Bird Lake.

105 degrees and a labrador named Wrigley provided Michael Alwan 106 good excuses Wednesday to skip the exercise routine.

"No crazy 6 mile runs," Alwan laughed. Crazy is about right. It's a strenuous enough workout just going out in the elements at all these days. Austin has baked at 100+ degrees for 12 days in the last 2 weeks. It has forced Alwan to alter what his lab is allowed to do.

"Just about all you can do when it's 105 degrees out...just bring him down to the lake to go swimming."

Alwan spent Wednesday afternoon playing a game of tennis ball fetch in the shallows along Lady Bird Lake. Unfortunately, not all pet owners are as on the ball as Alwan.

"I've known dogs that can die of heat exhaustion. They can overheat and die," notes Dr. Allison Haley at the Brykerwood Vet clinic. She says it's easy to overestimate how much your little beast can bare. Doctor's advice; scale back on activity.

CBS 42 Reporter: Jason Wheeler
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