Friday, April 30, 2010

Local finicky cat owners give feedback to Austin-based makers of a new kind of kitty litter mat

Build a better mousetrap? A better cat box litter mat?
Build it and they will come?
If you buy it will they use it? Cats are known to be finicky.
Their owners? Even more picky when it comes to maintaining the dreaded cat box.

According to this press release,42% of cat owners report high frustration with current litter mats. A local company touts its new product as the answer.

“We conducted both primary and secondary research to learn the best and the worst features of cat litter mats and how the mats impacted owners and their pets,” said Carol O’Brien, Cleanicity’s founder and CEO. “Based on our study, the number one concern of pet owners is whether or not the product would hurt their pets’ paws, followed closely by how effective the mat is at stopping litter from tracking through the house.”

Austin-based Cleanicity makes products for picky people. The Kitty Litter Grip Mat ($32.99)allegedly last up to six months.

See a demo here.

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