Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Naughty or Nice, AKC survey says pets top spouses on Christmas list

When it comes to who you spend the most money on during the holidays, according to a recent American Kennel Club® (AKC®) holiday survey, 38% of respondents said their dog, beating out kids (36%) and spouse (26%), and if holiday expenses had to be cut back on this year, 55% of people would spend less on their spouse than their pooch. In fact, 78% plan on buying for other family members' dogs, 66% plan on buying for friends' dogs, and 15% plan on buying for their dog's friends at the dog park. In years past, some of the more extravagant gifts owners purchased for their dog have included memory foam beds, as well as fancy collars. One person bought "a red alligator skin collar with his [the dog's] name in crystals, and a matching red skin leash."
Additional survey findings include:
91% include their dog in the family holiday card
60% have taken Fido to see Santa and get his picture taken
61% take the time to make their pup a special holiday meal
42% said actually getting a seat at the dinner table would be on their dog's wish list to Santa

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