Monday, January 7, 2013

Recent Beneful dog food complaints: some from Texas

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From: consumer


I have an eight-year-old Golden Retriever Tiger. She is generally in good health. She loves to eat and has gained some weight. I have been purchasing Purina products for years. I decided to try the Beneful Playful Life. This is the 1st time my dog refused to keep eating so much. She also started looking sad and lethargic all of the time. She started drinking a ton of water, excessive amounts of water. Then last night, she stopped touching the food altogether. I put out a bowl of my cat's food and she gobbled it down. I am taking her to the vet this morning. I thought she may have been bitten or something. Only after seeing these posts I am sure it was the food. I am going to take the rest to the vet to see if they know why this might be making these poor dogs ill. They say Golden Retrievers are really smart dogs, so I am glad she helped me figure it out.


Daisy, an 8-year old mutt, woke up on Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 6:00AM. She ate a full bowl of Beneful and went straight into my room, and vomited. She continued to vomit all day until there was nothing left but bile. She didn't eat much for the next week. Wednesday, Nov. 14, she vomited all day (4-5 times). Empty tummy and bile. We tried Science Diet, but she still didn't eat for a week. We took her to the vet on Wednesday, Nov. 21. She had fever, high WBC, high neutrophils (bacterial) and high alkaline phos (possibly liver). We went home with antibiotic, a prescription stomach med and a $227 bill. Saturday, Nov. 24, she was deathly ill. We could feel her raging fever and she was lethargic. She wouldn't even drink water from her bowl. We drizzled water into her mouth with a pipette and let her lick a wet wash cloth. I removed her collar, stopped giving meds and told the kids to love on her today. She was going fast.
Sunday, Nov. 25th, she drank water from her bowl. Still not eating (Beneful or Science Diet). Wednesday, Nov. 28, we went back to the vet. After x-rays and more blood work (spec canine specific lipase, cpl), she's diagnosed with pancreatitis. We went home with another prescription stomach med, generic stomach antacid and another bill of $187. Vet recommended to start prescription canned dog food for dogs with GI problems. Oh and by the way, her teeth and gums look horrid. Her last teeth cleaning a year ago was over $200 with 5 extractions. We picked up a pack of chicken on the way home and she's doing beautifully on plain chicken and white rice since.
The poor baby was starving, but she would rather die a long, slow death of starvation than eat one more bite of kibble. That won't be nutritionally adequate in the long run, but no more store bought kibbles with accompanying prescriptions for my family. We're looking into home cooked and raw, meaty bones/BARF diet. Sickening food was Beneful Healthy Radiance 31.1lb bag, barcode 17800-13469, purchased 5/29/12 at HEB in Dripping Springs, TX.
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