Sunday, October 6, 2013

In case you missed it: Some good news


AUSTIN -- A Miniature Pinscher with a questionable last couple of years is a very lucky pooch.  Her name is Diva.

Owner Sandera Washington came home from the store two years ago -- only to discover her baby girl had pulled a real diva move and disappeared.

“She’s quite the Houdini,” said Washington.  “I wasn’t that concerned at first, but by the next morning when she hadn’t returned my stomach kind of dropped, and I wondered if anything had happened to her and was hoping we would get her back.”

Washington searched for weeks, posting flyers and checking shelters. There was no sign -- until she got a call this past Tuesday. A "min pin" with a microchip had been found in South Austin.

“I started calling all my family going, ‘Diva is still here, they found her,’“ said Washington.

First thing the next morning Washington drove to the Austin Animal Center.

“As soon as I called her name her head whipped around,” Washington said.

Diva isn’t saying much about where she’s been -- but that doesn’t matter to the Washingtons, who are just happy to have her home.  And they have some advice for every other animal owner, “Microchip your animals and keep that information updated so that if they do get out they will be able to find their way home.”

The Austin Animal Center offers free microchips and tags for any Travis County residents.  For more information,

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