Monday, March 23, 2009

Great news—Oprah has a new baby in her family! Meet Sadie, a blond cocker spaniel. "She's a beautiful little girl," Oprah says.

Oprah's new dog, Sadie

It's been a year since Oprah lost her cocker spaniel Sophie, and Oprah decided to do an O magazine photo shoot at PAWS Chicago, a no-kill shelter. During the shoot, sweet Sadie and her brothers captured Oprah's heart. "The dog chose me," Oprah says. "There were like six or seven dogs, and she was on my shoulder, nuzzling."

With Sadie at home, Oprah says there's a bit of an adjustment period. Little Sadie has fought off a virus, and she's still getting used to her new sleeping arrangements. "The first night, we put the crate in the bed," Oprah says. "It's so romantic having a crate right there in the center of the bed."


Now, Oprah and Sadie are on to their next challenge—house-training!

"I want you to meet her to prove there are all kinds of dogs at the shelter who are waiting to be loved, from puppies and purebreds to your basic lovable mutts," Oprah says. "In these tough times, what was so heartbreaking over at PAWS is that many people are forced to give up their dogs. If you can take care of your dog, have a home and room to spare, consider adopting from a shelter."

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