Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rescue advocate traveling the country to photograph dogs for book that will benefit rescue groups in Austin Saturday March 7

Melissa McDaniel, a pet photographer who is traveling around the country this year photographing shelter dogs will be at Groovy Dog Bakery in Austin on Saturday from 11 to 5. The photos of rescue dogs and deaf dogs will go into a couple books that will benefit animal shelters. She will be at Groovy Dog to do photo sessions with pet owners (not necessarily rescues) and talk to people about rescues. She plans to put one photo of an Austin family and their rescue dog in her book.

Melissa chronicles her travels and the dogs she photographs on her blog. This is what she had to say about Milo (pictured, above), the second dog she photographed:

"Milo is everything you want a dog to be. Well, at least everything I look for in a dog. He's smart, well-trained, adorable, playful, athletic and a real sweetheart. Milo is also deaf. Milo's mom Julie met Milo when he was still a puppy. A neighbor was fostering him, and Julie, seeing this adorable all-white puppy, fell in love immediately. Julie and her husband Adam have done a fantastic job training Milo. He knows almost 30 hand signals. They are great trainers, but it doesn't hurt that he's a very smart dog, too. In another year or so, I have no doubt that Milo will be making them breakfast and doing their taxes."

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