Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bastrop County Animal Shelter needs foster homes and donations after confiscating 80 Schnauzers from area puppy mill

BASTROP COUNTY, TEXAS (KXAN) - The Bastrop Animal Center is asking for the publics support after confiscating dozens of dogs from a home because of reported neglect. The dogs were found crammed into cages, covered in feces and without food. Animal control was forced to confiscate 80 Schnauzers Thursday night from that home in Bastrop County off of Hwy 95.

The Animal Shelter Director says they are still investigating to see if this home was a puppy mill. The shelter made the care of the dogs their first priority. The shelter assured that the Schnauzers will not be euthanized because they are part of an ongoing investigation. The dogs that have been there the longest were most at risk.

The shelter is in need of foster homes for these animals along with donations of canned dog food. Please call the Bastrop County Animal Shelter at 512-581-4080 to help.

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