Wednesday, July 22, 2009

KXAN reports Austin animal commission says South Austin Petland store owes city $30,000

(KXAN) - A city ordinance could force Petland in South Austin to pay $30,000 for selling intact puppies. The store's owner said her business was personally attacked by the city.

"They passed this ordinance one month before my store opened in March of 2008," said the Daxa Bhakta. "They're not targeting any of these little breeders or the people that sell out of boxes. Nobody is focused on those people and trying to stop those guys."

The city passed an ordinance in February 2008 that requires any person that sells more than 15 dogs or cats a year to pay a fee if the animal is not spayed or neutered. The fee for each animal is $50.

"When Petland and other people sell animals that are not spayed and neutered, unwanted animals enter the shelter and the taxpayer foots the bill to have them spayed, neutered, medically treated," said Larry Tucker with the Austin Animal Advisory Commission. "Then if they're not adoptable, they pay the expense of killing them and disposing of the body."

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