Wednesday, December 23, 2009 is one sick puppy with a grade of "F" says Central Texas BBB

Texas-Based Company Selling Sick Animals Online

BBB serving Central, Coastal and Southwest Texas reports the Web site,, operated by the business Adorable Petz, currently has a BBB rating of F due to, among other things, revocation of BBB Accreditation and a pattern of complaints.

Consumer complaints received by BBB allege that puppies purchased from the company developed severe illnesses, resulting in high veterinary bills and, in some cases, death of the animal. Complaints received by BBB further allege the company was slow to return payments or deposits to consumers who did not receive pets.

Kristie Williams of San Antonio purchased a maltipoo puppy named Peyton from Adorable Petz on September 16, 2009 for $350. Five days later, the puppy was rushed to Williams’ vet.

“I got up one morning and she was totally limp,” said Williams. “After the vet visit, the breeder took her because he was going to take her to his vet, but she died in her sleep.”

Adorable Petz offered Williams a replacement puppy and she accepted on September 28th. Three days later, her new puppy Daisy became sick and was taken to the same veterinarian that saw her first puppy. Williams took Daisy back home after an overnight visit, but had to readmit her four days on October 6, 2009, when she was diagnosed with Parvo.


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  1. I also got a puppy from these breeders. She did survive and has grown up to be a healthy beautiful malti-poo, however after having her home for 3 days she began coughing and so I rushed her to the vet and it turns out she had pneumonia. She was cured with a couple of weeks on antibiotics and the vet bill was about $150. I looked online and saw reviews, so I knew it was not worth my time or money to contact the breeders and make the 5 hour drive back to San Antonio. My puppy is adorable and I love her, but we did have a scare at the beginning. Also, I was told she would be around 4 pounds and she grew to be 8. I love her no matter what size she is, but the estimate on her size was off by a long shot.