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Colorado Woman Dying of Cancer Seeks a New Home for Her Best Friend
Patricia Cudd will enter hospice soon, and her last wish is to find Sherlock a good home.
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It's hard to know how to write stories that start with cancer. Just putting the word on the screen seems to bring everything to an end. It's an ugly little word, about an ugly thing, and the instinct is just to stop there, or worse, to slip into cheap melodrama.
So to put it bluntly, and without melodrama: Cancer kills, and it kills in a painful, degrading way. All the pink ribbons in the world will never change that.
Soon, cancer will kill Patricia Cudd. Cudd is 62 years old, and she probably won't see 63. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After years of grueling chemo, it's in an advanced stage, and she's preparing to go into hospice care. Before she does, she wants to find a new home for her beloved Pit Bull mix, Sherlock.
Cudd got Sherlock as a rescue from the Longmont (Colorado) Humane Society in 2010, and he has been her constant companion throughout her illness. She recalls how, after one especially harsh chemo session, he lay curled next to her in her hotel room, both of them "watching Harry Potter movies for a full day until I felt better."
But she doesn't feel like she can give him the care that he deserves anymore. She can't take him running any more, and even walks are difficult. And of course, soon she won't be there at all for him.
Anyone who is in the Northern Colorado area and might be interested in giving Sherlock a new home can call (970) 775-0797 or email
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