Saturday, September 25, 2010

Austin dog returns home after 11-day journey to reunite with family

Shep (pictured above) endured an eight-mile, crosstown journey during the remnants of flooding from Tropical Storm Hermine.
Photo by Kelly West

Every dog I've ever loved had another family before he became a part of mine. I could imagine that regardless of how much love I had to give this new creature in my life, he missed his former companions so much that if ever the front door were left open -- just a crack for even a minute -- he'd dart out and make a run for it, back to the people he considered his true family. His extraordinary sense of smell might make it possible for him to find his way back to the place he considered "home." But the power of love would keep him going.

This story in the Austin American-Statesman last Thursday is a sweet tale about the power of the love bond between us and the animals we bring into our homes. The pets that become family.

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