Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rare product plug: Bye Bye, Bad Dog Breath —

Maybe cheaper and smarter than teeth-cleaning.

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  1. Sounds good up to a point - tongue scrapers work well for bacteria and smells on the tongue, and this looks well thought out for dog use if they go for the "goo" - but this would improve their breath without necessarily preventing the expensive anesthesia for tooth cleaning. Yes, he says the goo has a plaque-reducing chemical in it, so maybe that would be enough, but our vet thinks the physical plaque removal with a brush is necessary in addition. I use Wysong DentaTreat, which is mostly cheese and some probiotics, and it seems to help with "dog breath" as well, but we haven't had any proof that it prevents or delays the $500 pro cleaning (yet). The local gourmet dog place raves about it. Our dog took over a week to forgive me for the indignity of the vet cleaning last time, I'd rather not get the stink eye (or the bill) again! Still, this sounds beneficial and benign, if not necessarily sufficient to avoid the cleanings. Maybe it'd be enough to at least reduce their frequency. That'd be something worthwhile!