Friday, June 24, 2011

Cats Weigh in on Take Your Dog to Work Day: They're all for it!

Top 10 reasons cats are for it (Paul Schaffer cue drum roll please):
  • Your midday nap will not be interrupted by incessant, frenzied yapping sparked by the mail carrier's arrival. Or a squirrel in the yard. Or the wind blowing the tree leaves. Or absolutely nothing at all.
  • Getting the couch all to yourself. Enough said.
  • A respite from the tedious licking. (I mean, really…if they're going to lick, at least they could make themselves useful and groom something.)
  • No sliding in the drool puddles left behind on the tile floor.
  • No mile-wide water spills around the dog bowl.
  • You'll finally get to eat your own food. All of it. No sharing.
  • No "I get to go outside and you don't…nyah, nyah, nyah."
  • A rare opportunity to use the dog bed as a scratching post. Or litterbox – it's your choice.
  • Being spared the humiliation of the most base of all canine greetings: the infamous and oh-so-annoying Butt Sniff. How uncivilized.
  • Finally, peace and quiet when nature calls, and no fear of some crazy canine with questionable culinary habits raiding the litterbox when you're finished.

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