Saturday, June 25, 2011

Texas Humane Society declares passage of H.B. 1451 victory

2011 Legislative Session Report

An End of Session Message from the THLN President

Dear Fellow Animal Advocates,

I have great news to share with animal welfare advocates statewide and nationwide!

Governor Rick Perry has signed the Puppy Mill Bill!

H.B. 1451 is a regulation and licensing measure for high volume breeders and will provide basic protection for hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats confined and raised in large scale breeding operations by providing humane housing standards, annual veterinary care, and inspections.

It's been an incredible legislative session for animals! Although our toughest session to date, with persistence, tenacity and a great coalition of concerned groups, we successfully helped pass 5 major animal welfare bills - making this legislative session the most successful in the history of this organization!

Passage of these bills was a culmination of multiple factors:

  1. Being on the right side of the issues working to protect animals in Texas
  2. Committed, passionate legislative sponsors
  3. Combined efforts of multiple animal welfare and animal care organizations
  4. Outstanding guidance by our lobbyist team
  5. Nonstop help from our dedicated 9 regional state chapters!
  6. The incredible efforts of all of you who contacted your legislators and became the voice for animals!

We thank each and every one of you for your help and support over this past very difficult six months for contacting your legislators and professionally and honestly urging their support and opposition to various bills. Those groups opposing the animal protection measures spread much misinformation and untruths about the bills in the hopes of defeating them. But with your nonstop support, we worked every legislator - answering questions, compromising when necessary, and explaining in great detail the serious need for the bills that were passed.

H.B. 1451, the Puppy Mill bill, the most challenging bill, was championed by two highly respected veteran legislators from Houston - Representative Senfronia Thompson and Senator John Whitmire. We are indebted to them both and their staff for their strong commitment and persistence in passing a bill that will provide protection for hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats in Texas puppy mills.

H.B. 963, the Seizure Appeals bill, will clarify and improve the appeals process for cases dealing with animals seized in cruelty cases. This bill was sponsored in the House by our long time friend and sponsor of multiple animal protection measures in past years, Representative Will Hartnett of Dallas. In his typical style, he very smoothly and professionally worked the bill through the House. Newcomer, Senator Jose' Rodriguez of El Paso graciously picked up the bill in the Senate and saw that it passed without incident. We are grateful to both sponsors and their staff for jobs superbly well done!

With my greatest appreciation for your hard work to help so many animals.
Cile's signature
Cile Holloway, President

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