Friday, June 24, 2011

Today was Take Your Dog To Work Day: Did you take your dog to work???

Jenna, an English Springer Spaniel, does airshift at NPR Radio in Harrisburg, VAMore info on Take Your Dog to Work Today
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  1. KEYE's Bettie Cross on taking her dog to work today from her blog post:

    I have a Golden Retriever pup named Chelsea. She's almost a year old. During her short life she has graced the segments of Austin Live probably too many times. Her first "spend the day at the station" experience completely stressed me out.

    1) Chelsea was only six months old and was full of puppy pep. Some would say she quickly became KEYE's cutest greeter, others would suggest she was securing the perimeter, the less generous would accuse her of running wild and startling people in the hallways and at their desks. You learn pretty fast everyone is not a dog lover, they may say they are, but true canine fans quickly reveal themselves. (See picture of Chelsea jumping on my boss, Suzanne Black. Luckily she's a dog person.)

    2) Some dogs (like Chelsea) won't do their business in strange environments. In other words, Chelsea refused to poop or pee when I took her outside. It made for a long day of going outside every 30 minutes or so until she FINALLY relieved herself. I was patient with Chelsea, but my coworkers saw the end of my rope.

    3) While romping through KEYE Chelsea apparently ate an unidentified object. She never got sick at the station, but home was a different story.

    I vowed after that experience to never bring Chelsea to KEYE again. Well, I'm breaking that promise to myself today. She's the model for a segment on summer dog safety. I am taking a smarter approach this time around; I'll pick her up at noon, keep her on a leash, and avoid the pooch-loving posers.