Saturday, June 25, 2011

Informal drop-off benefit for Austin Humane Society OR what do people who used to work for newspapers in Austin do now?

It is no coincidence that so many of us "former" newspaper writers are dedicated to helping the animal community. Great mind think alike! Anne Smith, who was one of my editors at the Statesman before she went on to another Cox paper in Florida, is in town today to gather up whatever you want to drop off to benefit Austin Humane Society.

Why: In honor of Anne's niece, Beth, an animal lover who passed away several years ago after an auto accident and would have been 20 years old tomorrow
Where: 6205 Danwood, Austin, Tx. 78759
When: whenever you feel like it but some time today
OR: Call about pick up "service"

Again, this is very informal with lots of heart.

Here's what Anne sent awhile back but I didn't get until this morning:

Hello Everybody!
I'm planning a 12-day trip to Texas next month, and I've timed it this year to be in Austin on my niece Beth's birthday for the first time since she was killed.
In past years, to commemorate this date, one of Joan and David's neighbors organized a food & toy drive for the Humane Society in Beth's honor. She was an avid fan of all animals, especially dogs and especially her lab Buddy. I wanted to organize the drive this year and ask my Austin friends for donations of food, towels, pet toys, cat litter or cash to the Austin Humane Society in Beth's honor.
Beth would have been 20 on June 26, so on Saturday, June 25, I'll be at Joan and David's house if anyone can drop by with dog food or whatever they would like to donate. Many of you have been consistently faithful through the years to ask how Joan and David are doing, which has meant so much to me.
On June 25th, if you want to say hi to Joan yourself, we'll be at her house all day to collect the goodies in Beth's name.
If you can't come to us, please call me (561-801-5856) a couple of days in advance and we will try to come by your house for a pick-up.
You can leave the dog food on your porch and we could swing by when we're out doing errands. I really want to make it easy for everyone to get involved.
If you prefer a cash donation, please send a check to the Humane Society to The Hamptons, 6205 Danwood, Austin, 78759. We'd like to turn it all in together because one year, the size of the donation meant Beth's name was added to a memorial wall at the Humane Society. It would be lovely to see her name there again on what would have been her 20th birthday.

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