Friday, April 17, 2015

Bark and Park? Council clears the way for luxury pet hotel at Austin airport


The Austin City Council approved a zoning change Thursday for more airport parking with an added touch: a pet hotel.  The council approved zoning changes from residential to commercial use at a lot off Cardinal Loop off Highway 71 right by the Austin Bergstrom International Airport. There used to be several homes in the lot, but the airport bought the land as part of a noise mitigation program. The airport said it had a lot of noise because most planes land from that direction.  

However, the area was still zoned as residential until Thursday. 

Now, Scott Airport Parking is planning on building a 2,000 covered space parking lot in what’s currently a grassy, overgrown area. In negotiations for the partnership the airport required Scott to have some sort of airport amenity. So the company chose a pet hotel, something the airport said was unique.  “I think we were mostly just surprised it hadn’t been done already,”Jessy Pascarelli with Taurus Training and Doggy Care said. 

Taurus, which has several locations throughout Austin, will be managing the pet hotel with a capacity of about 150 animals, both dogs and cats. There’s also room for future expansions with more parking and space for more animals.  “So that you can drop your dog off on the way to the airport, they’ll valet your car and then you can pick your dog and your car up at the same time,” Pascarelli said. “When you get home from a trip the first thing you want to do is see your dog so it makes total sense to have a place to keep your dog and your car at the airport.” 

Pascarelli said there will even be an executive option for pets with extra space. That way while you’re travelling first class, your pet can too.  However, a lot of the details are still being ironed out, but Pascarelli said they will do a lot of things similar to what they do at Taurus.  That includes giving dogs a yard to play in and socialize together. There will also be a little bit of training.  As a spokesperson, Pascarelli doesn’t know if she’ll be able to work at the location, but she’s excited to see it built. “It’s just a big grassy lot, I can’t wait until it has a pool in front of it, all these dogs playing it’s going to be so much fun,” Pascarelli said.  

The Pet hotel is set to be built by the summer of 2016. The prices for a stay are set to be about $40 a night and $35 for daycare.

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