Sunday, April 26, 2015

Step aside Grumpy Cat: George the standing cat of Austin making national news

This cat is really trying to fit in with the family.
Meet George, a standing cat who is the latest feline to delight the Internet.
The Munchin-Exotic Short Hair was welcomed into the Austin, Texas home of Andrew Park and his family, when he was six weeks old. George began standing on his hind legs “like a meercat” after only a couple of weeks.
“He has really short front legs — I think it’s a genetic mutation linked to the breed,” Park told Cater News. “So maybe it’s easier to stand up than it is to crawl up somewhere.”
Now George perches up when he meets new people or is just hanging around. Andrew and his family, which include his wife Koa, 3-year-old Andyn, 15-year-old Ryhan Patterson and two pugs, Apples and Banana, have no clue how George started the strange habit.
“When we think he really wants to look at something or know what’s going on, we also find him doing it,” said Andrew.
Andrew’s wife Koa, posted a few photos of George to Facebook, and after an overwhelming response, Andrew decided to take him to Reddit.
Many Reddit users have commented that George looks similar to actor Wilford Brimley. Andrew, who’s Reddit username is Egzo, responded back, “Oh man..I really can’t stop laughing, you are like the 4th person in a hour to call him Wilford Brimley. I can’t even look at him now.”
Other Reddit users have compared George to Garfield, while some have noted his cranky expression. But the family insists George is the friendliest cat they’ve ever known.
“When people come around they are just infatuated with him,” Andrew said.
And George’s star is on the rise. The couple recently made an Instagram account for him which has already amassed 6,000 followers.
“He brings us so much and happiness that we thought we should share that with other people.”

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